Treat Employees With Maximum Assurance

Something important that we always explain is that employees have great expectations about the benefits offered by their company, they are looking for companies that see further and where there is an environment that makes them want to spend more time there. They want a fun work environment that helps them be more productive.It is important to remember that the benefits do not make the culture of the company.

You can have access to juices, soft drinks, coffee and fun rooms, but if the culture is not at the base of the organization there will be no difference.Employee benefits also work as deductions, which is an important point. Talent is scarcer than ever, especially good talent. Being a bit creative you can create an amazing work environment, even if you have few resources.In the next list, most of the important benefits for employees are free or cost very little. Even those that cost money have a “return on investment” so high that they are worth it. You do not have to implement them all, they are only suggestions. A good advice is to ask employees to give feedback on what they want.

  • Parental permission – About what is legally allowed
    Having a child is one of the most beautiful and stressful moments in a person’s life. Why make it more complicated for the employee?
    In the United States, by law, companies must provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave. In Canada, it varies by province, but usually it’s about 15-40 weeks, and not all are paid.Follow the steps of Netflix and offer unlimited paternity maternity leave. From the Netflix blog:
  • Parents can return to their jobs part-time, full-time or come and go as needed. We continue to pay you normally, eliminating the headaches caused by changing your status or seeking disability payments. Each employee will decide what is best for him and his family and will then coordinate with his manager for coverage during his absences. Absolutely amazing
  • Educational Reimbursement for all courses taken by employees
    The idea is to encourage employees to prepare themselves in their free time and thus be better at what they do. If you want to go a little further, you can allow employees to take classes that have nothing to do with their jobs, just because they are interested. This will cost you a little money, but it’s worth it. A more educated workforce is a more productive workforce. These are tools that will help you: nordstrom Academy and Udemy are great tools that you should take a look at. Employees are happier in their jobs if they do not have to worry about the cost of these programs and because they feel that the company supports them to develop.
  • Donation Program
    The surveys are clear that employees want to work in companies that collaborate with the community. More than 85% of the “Millennial” generation correlates their purchasing decisions (and their willingness to recommend a brand to others) to the socially responsible efforts a company is making.If you are not already doing this, this could be an easy way to show your employees that you care about raising money for nonprofits and that you encourage employees to make donations.If you are already doing it, make sure everyone knows it, and it can also be used in your recruitment efforts.Duplicate the Donation is a great service that I recommend and that will help you.
  • Unlimited Vacation
    UFFF! It’s scary right! Molded after Netflix’s famous policy, unlimited vacations are beginning to become popular in progressive companies such as Hubspot, General Electric, among others.The idea is simple “do not follow up on the amount of vacations, sick days or days for personal reasons that an employee takes”. There is no policy on holidays, you are responsible for when you take your vacation, take them as you wish.Above all, it is to treat employees as adults, as we change in terms of giving more autonomy to employees and allowing them to manage themselves, this policy will make more sense.The reason that this benefit makes so much sense is because it shows employees that you trust them to make the right decisions.One thing to keep in mind: employees may not have vacations with this policy. Some companies would have to implement mandatory vacations because of this.
  • Membership in a Gym
    Employee welfare programs should be seen as a strategic initiative and not as a benefit.Healthy employees will take fewer sick days, work more, cost less, be happier at work, and be more friendly with their co-workers.This is a benefit that will cost you some money but the benefits will far outweigh the expenses.When you show employees that you care about their health is an easy way to make them stay in the company. As a creative idea, you can establish friendly competencies between employees or departments to encourage exercise among them.
  • Sponge cake on birthdays
    Providing the employee with a cake on his birthday is a simple and inexpensive way to show appreciation on that special day.It’s a great way to show you that you care about him. When an employee comes to work on his birthday, he is waiting for someone to remember and wish him a happy day. The birthday cake represents a step forward and is a good bonus for your coworkers.You can allow them a few minutes to share the cake with the team, it is very good for team building.
  • Shared reading
    This benefit is like a 2.0 book club.We’ve used it at nordstrom, and it’s a great way to discover new books and take a productive break.An additional effect of this program is that you get to know your colleagues through the books they like to read (and if we have something in common), and how they describe the book.When someone shares a book with the team and writes a paragraph about why they are sharing it and how they enjoyed it, they learn a lot about what the person is like.
  • Free time paid for volunteer work
    Allowing employees free time to do volunteer work is a great way to let them know that you are giving support to the community.Many of the employees will love doing volunteer work, but they simply can not do it for their jobs. Having a program dedicated to helping employees do this is a great way to help them. Explain to employees that their time will be paid and that they need not worry. Let them enjoy!
  • Flexible schedules
    This is one of the best benefits it can offer. This benefit is completely free, and in surveys related to what employees want, it comes up continuously.Flexible hours show that you feel respect for your employees and that you trust them to make their own decisions.Some people work better in the mornings and others in the afternoons. Some people have families that they must take home, and that’s fine.For example, I work from 10-6, and my partner works from 7-3. What works best for everyone. At nordstrom we try to get everyone started at 9 a.m. when most companies start at 8 a.m., this is to reduce morning traffic disruptions to get to the office.I understand that there are some jobs in which employees have to arrive at certain times, but perhaps in this scenario you can implement shifts to make it easier.
  • Food services
    When you provide meals to your employees, you are taking great care away.The cost of restaurants and the hassle of preparing lunch make this a benefit that you should offer your employees.There are many services that offer healthy meals for employees, and if you do not know any, simply go to Google and look in your city for business meals.You can also offer healthy alternatives in restaurants near the office, making them healthier and more productive.
  • Subsidy for Mental Health
    This is an important benefit that is often forgotten.When talking about employee welfare, you think of gym memberships and healthy meals in the kitchen, but the mental health problems at work are huge.You can offer employees a subsidy for something that helps them mentally, such as going to a spa or talking with a psychologist.Here you can be very creative, but do not forget mental health. Many employees are afraid to talk about their affairs, it is in your hands to help them feel comfortable.
  • Company Getaways
    There is no better activity to strengthen the work teams than a getaway for a certain time. It could be a Christmas trip, a meeting in the field during the summer months.You do not have to go to an all-inclusive resort, but a weekend in a cabin somewhere will make the team feel much more empathetic.
  • Playrooms
    This is a standard benefit that is almost a requirement in any technology company.It is important to remind employees that they should take their time to rest and that you agree to it.No matter what you do, if it’s a television, a few games, a foosball table, it honestly makes no difference. The point is to show your employees that a life-work balance is important to you.
  • Eat and Learn
    Eating and learning is a way for a subject expert to share their knowledge and teach other employees something new.Not only is it a great way to learn something new and to share during lunch, it is also a way to learn about the employee you are teaching.Discovering what is important to the expert in the field will give you an idea of ​​what they like.Tip: A good idea is to bring an expert from the community to talk to the employees.
  • Transportation Subsidy
    Not everyone drives a Mercedes to get to work and has a parking lot in front of the front door. A transportation subsidy tells your employees that you want them to arrive at their jobs as safely and easily as possible.Monthly payments for tickets on the Metro are a bit expensive, but it is a very nice gesture that you can offer your employees.In many cities there are bicycle rentals, in Montreal we have Bixi, in the United States it is Citi Bikes. This subsidy would help employees to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Brand of the company
    This is a simple benefit that will help you promote your company and reinforce its core values. This is a great benefit that you can offer depending on what your company does. T-shirts, shirts, hats, wear the brand of the company and I use them with great pride ?Keg beer .. Epaaaa.This is a benefit that is becoming common, especially in new companies.Idea meetings on Friday afternoons can be more fun and creativity will flow.While the employees are responsible, this is a great benefit that will remind them that it is good to relax and not work until it is worn out.


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