Top Companies & Their Employee Benefits

Nowadays, companies compete for the best talent in the world and try to outdo each other in order to differentiate themselves and add extra benefits for their employees. According to a study carried out by the job search portal, Glassdoor, in 2017, 57% of job seekers take into account the advantages that the company will offer them during their stay in it.Now, companies seek to excite and motivate their employees day by day so they do not fall into the routine. Here are some of the most curious and incredible benefits that companies bring to their workers.

  • Typeform
    Typeform is an online platform, based in Barcelona, ​​aimed at collecting and sharing information through forms without the need to write code or design. In his company strategy he offers unlimited vacations to his employees. All of your workers can choose when and how long they want to enjoy their vacation periods.
  • Reebok
    The American multinational specialized in sportswear is not far behind in terms of the strategy it uses with its workers. It gives the possibility of receiving free fitness classes and all employees have at their disposal gym and crossfit box at any time of day to exercise.
  • Facebook
    The largest social network currently directed by Mark Zuckerberg, has always stood out for the peculiarity of the treatment of its employees. Above all, it is striking that the company offers its workers totally free accommodation in their own facilities where they work, so they do not have to spend on transportation either.
  • Google
    Another company that tends to be news because of the peculiar treatment it gives its workers. The American multinational gives breakfast, lunch and dinner for free throughout the year, without exception, to its workers. Employees do not have to worry about bringing food from home or spending money every day to eat.
    In-N-Out Burger
    The chain of fast food restaurants founded in 1948 has also added innovation in the treatment of its employees. In this case, they can enjoy all the hamburgers, chips and free drinks they want during their work shift.
  • Bain & Company
    This strategic consultancy based in Boston wants its workers to be comfortable and work as a team, so they have set up their own soccer tournament for all the delegations the company has around the world. Around a thousand people participate in this tournament every year.
  • Sales force
    Salesforce is the CRM best known worldwide. Founded in 1999, the company rewards the solidarity of its workers. He offers them 6 days a year, paid as a day of work, in which they can do volunteer work. In addition, the company gives $ 1,000 each year to allocate to the charitable organization or cause they wish.
  • Google
    Yes, again Google. But the multinational does not stop surprising. The company offers a “death benefit”. It consists in that, in the event that a worker dies, his partner or closest relative charges 50% of his salary during the ten years after his death. Without a doubt, a benefit that no employee wants to hear about.
  • Spotify
    The company dedicated to the reproduction of music via streaming, has a work model oriented towards music and offers its employees free concerts by top-level artists. But it also focuses on the paternity of workers. Each employee is entitled to six months of leave because he is a father or mother, although he is also charged. In addition, Spotify is also concerned about costing fertility processes with a price of more than 8,500 euros on average.
  • Factorial
    The Spanish company based in Barcelona, ​​created in 2016, specializes in human resources management for small and medium enterprises. It offers health insurance totally free to all its employees that gives them coverage in terms of health problems they may suffer during their stay in the company.

What are you waiting for to start offering benefits for the workers of your company? Through flexible compensation employees can improve their salary and enjoy health insurance, restaurant card, transportation or daycare

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