Expectations of Employees on Benefits

Having a balance between work and personal life is very important for everyone today. For this reason, many professionals look for what kind of benefits and opportunities companies offer within their environment and many times these factors are decisive to remain in their place of work.Thus, every day companies are more concerned about their employees and offer different kinds of benefit packages that serve as motivation. But, what are the most sought after by workers in Colombia? According to our consultant María Paula Arias, the most important benefits for professionals are: prepaid medicine, flexible hours, training by the company and the opportunity for professional growth.As for prepaid medicine, it is a resource that has been implemented as part of the welfare package for employees in some companies. The cost of this service is very high and the fact that the company covers it, makes it an important help for the collaborator. A good medical insurance gives the worker and his family peace of mind. For this reason professionals who suffer from any illness or have a sick family member will be benefited and attracted by this service.

Another interesting contribution in the corporate world today is the flexible schedule, a benefit very much desired by several professionals. Offering the possibility of working from home is something that has been incorporated into the work environment of some companies. This gives employees the opportunity to have more time for themselves and their families, which makes them feel comfortable in their company and break the routine, one of the great causes of job rotation.Another important benefit is the opportunity for professional development and growth within companies. Professionals seek to grow in their work environment because of their professional, personal or economic goals. In any case, workers are very interested in being able to carry out a professional career within their company, having the opportunity to learn and grow internally. This is a very important factor and is necessary for the self-improvement of a person. That is why we know that this is a fundamental factor for personal development, making the members of the company motivate to improve their work in order to reach higher positions.

The food vouchers are also part of a very attractive benefits package for the professional. This kind of help makes the person obtain a greater capacity for spending, without having to spend of his salary and additionally has access to a healthy diet for him and his family. This positively influences the employee’s performance and fidelity with his company.Finally, the training and support in education for the employee to continue learning is one of the most important benefits. For this reason, there are companies that offer their collaborators the opportunity to learn through courses or diplomas, in order to better perform their work. There are companies that offer to cover financially the masters of their best workers to keep them close and this has become a primary motivation for them.

However, the benefits offered by companies do not always adapt to what most workers want. Each person looks for something different according to their life environment and their profession. Because of this, companies should seek to offer benefits that generate a feeling of loyalty and satisfaction to create an adequate work environment in order to achieve an ideal corporate welfare for the success of the company’s mission.

In conclusion, improving the quality of life of employees is vital for the good performance of a company. Maintaining constant motivation is essential to achieve a good work team and a good work environment. Therefore, having a well-implemented benefits program is not only the ideal scenario for employees, it is also essential for the company and this makes the employee’s talent is valued and recognized.

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