How To Recruit Employees

After the top management, the human resources team is the most critical hierarchy in an organization. They are responsible for recruiting effective employees, and the impact of effective employees can be shown in positive revenue numbers. Apart from that, the team also deals with learning and development and dealing with employee issues. They are expected to maintain a positive attitude throughout keeping in mind that the end goal is to who recruit the best of people and retain a positive environment to achieve the business objectives.

Job Opening Statistics

A job opening in a large organization will attract a large pool of candidates, out of which only 10% would be relevant enough to be called out for shortlisting processes. Let us consider replacing your job advertisement in a newspaper. It would consume weeks and at least a month to be able to complete at least 80% of the recruitment process. That is how the recruitment process has been focusing on the path where a lot of time could be saved. For example, new tools are being introduced to track the employee sentiment for a particular period to find out disgruntled employees. It gives the management a fair idea of what needs to be done with the employees, and such tools are expected to improve retention strategies.

When many companies can boast their strength regarding recruitment and performance management, the high-performance organizations are focusing on translating the business strategy into a people strategy. In this company, the human resources person act as an active advisor to the management regarding the operational and strategic issues related to people then the company comes up with a strategic plan with the focus on retaining the right people and identifying and attracting the new talents including the development of the existing ones.

Choosing Efficient People

As a human resources recruiter, you might know that people who apply to the jobs via ad and online are people who are currently serving the notice period or planning to leave the company. If you are looking for candidates who can join immediately and can be efficient enough in the job, you have to improve your candidate pool. Start investing time in developing relationships with the University placement offices and recruitment consultancies. This way, the time you spend to scrutinize the candidate to check if he is perfect for the job will considerably reduce. Try to source candidates from Professional websites like LinkedIn and social media. Also, encourage employees to refer their friends and colleagues to the company if they find any job position. If you offer any reward for the employees who referred their talented friends to the company, you will find a better pool of candidates.

When you have choices, make sure you hire the person you are very confident about. If you think you need a lot of time to train that candidate, try not to hire that person to save your time. Always make sure you go through the internal referral before you move on to outsourcing the job. You will be surprised to find how easily you can find a suitable candidate with the internal reference itself. You do not have to look for people referred by your employees. You can as well try to pick one employee to work on another project if he is efficient enough. In that case, the promoted employee can refer his friend for the job he left.

Employee Practices And Internal Recruitment

A significant part of the recruitment and making it successful involves having proper employee practices. Check the reasons for employee retention and how much the company is investing in motivating and rewarding the employees. All of that contributes to the goodwill of the company, and most of the employees are attracted to a company with substantial goodwill. Your employes will automatically start bragging about your organization being a fantastic place to work due to which you will receive a large pool of candidates whenever you have an opening.

Transparency In The Process

Be open about your packages to the candidates who seem like potential employees. If your company has deductions and exclusions in the salary package, let them know about it before they sign up for the job. Being transparent about the company process and culture, even with some of the negatives added, can make the employee feel like they are walking into the right place. Be open to negotiation. If the employee wants to negotiate, he will know that he cannot extend the range beyond a specific limit. So, if there is the talk of negotiation even after the salary package has been specified earlier to the candidate, give them a bit of concession.

To make sure you successfully negotiate with the candidate and you do not have any problem with the budget, offer a lesser amount in the ad. Less does not necessarily mean you will reduce many thousands in the number. It is about giving some room for negotiation when the candidate would like to do so. Meanwhile, understand the market standards and have an available salary package. If you are not able to afford that money, make sure you have some nonfinancial rewards to compensate for whatever the employee might be losing out on the monetary perspective.

Learning Process

The world is changing day by day, and the team members should be able to adapt to the current day scenario and make changes in the business in the given time. When learning is a priority, then are high chances, let the company will be able to succeed in a shorter time. The employees nowadays try to keep themselves updated by learning new programs and technologies so that their career graph sees steady growth. The employee is, in that case, are looking for learning opportunities, and most of the organization and employees think this is the best way to improve their status.


Even for the companies, the management must be able to come up with a strategy to integrate the new technologies within the business systems so that they get a competitive edge in this market. Organizational learning, in that case, is a must. Individual learning is a quality that the employee must find valuable. And organizational learning is a collaborative effort,. In that effort, there are chances that the employees who are not aware of the importance of learning new and updated concepts in the industry will also be motivated to take that step.

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