Employee Recognition Ideas?

It is worth stating that there is a 31% lower voluntary employee turnover when they are recognized for their work and contribution to the company, according to Deloitte. There are several ways in which every company can adopt as their recognition program to satisfy their employees with their job and lower employee turnover rate. Here is more about the employee recognition ideas that may help your company.

Team Shopping

Everyone gets excited when they hear the word ‘shopping’. A team can set up a goal or target, and everyone has to contribute to the goal. Once the goal is achieved, the whole team can go shopping together to a mall or market, and the employees will get the amount for the shopping from the team funds equally.

For example, a team decides that they will achieve a profit target of $50,000. And once the team makes it. Everyone should be taken to a mall or market and give them $500 and 50-minutes to shop. Once 50 minutes are over, everyone will gather at a pre-decided location and will share what they bought and why. If anyone has some money left, the team leader can decide what they should buy from that money.

This way, the team members will work with full enthusiasm for the whole month and achieve the target effectively and efficiently.

Spot Rewards

Whenever the team leader sees someone doing better work than other team members at the moment, he should be given a reward on the spot. He will get motivated, and everyone around him/her will strive to work harder to earn that spot reward the next time.

Spot rewards can include a $1 bill, a discount voucher for their favorite restaurant or shopping brand, or even a day off along with a movie with his family.

The employees working in an organization supporting effective reward programs or recognition programs believe that their hard work is contributing to the growth and success of the organization, and this makes them stick to it for a longer time as they start feeling that they are an essential part of the company.

Lunch With The Boss

The employees believe that 28% of the total recognition comes from their boss or the team leader. The best employee of the week or month could get a chance to have lunch with the boss at his choice of restaurant. The employees will feel appreciated that they are getting special treatment for working harder. Everyone will work harder every time to earn that next lunch with the boss reward. According to Cicero Group, 50% of the employees love being thanked by their boss in several ways, and it helps in building a better relationship and forms trust among them. The conversation at lunch should include minimal work-related talks possible because they are not in the office at that moment, and it will get a bit boring if it gets there. The boss will also get to know what his employees like or dislike and can use them to make them work even more effectively and efficiently and achieve targets in the minimal time possible.

Recognition At The Workplace

Every employee dreams of getting recognized in front of his peer group. They love when their team leader takes his name in front of everyone and praises for the contribution in the organization and the good work he has been doing for a while.
A board can be placed in the center of the workplace, where a picture will be placed with the heading employee of the month or week. Every employee will see that board and work harder to get their name and photo on the board. The employees of the firm will stick to the organization for the long-term because it appreciates their contribution and hard work.
According to Udemy, 59% of the employees have stick to the same company as they are recognized, and the company has made efforts to praise and value their work.

Cultural Engagement

The cultural engagement in a company will only increase the number of perspectives in which the organization is perceiving a problem. When it comes to establishing the business worldwide, it is essential to make changes in the business processes according to the cultural status of the particular Nation. It is true that not considering the cultural engagement of a place and implementing a strategy would end up in the loss for the business. The cultural engagement will help the company get an overview of not only how this setup can be established but about the difficulties in establishing a setup in the place and the expert will be able to find solutions for the same. Overall, an effective setup established this way. Within the premises, cultural engagement can be built by personal motivation, performance management metrics, and recognition. The high-performance organizations focus much on this.

The leaders in these high-performance teams drive urgency and direction, and there you feel comfortable with the volatility and complexity that comes along with the change. It is a mandatory requirement for the leaders to collaborate with their employees and recognize the collective strength that the collaboration would give. A well-designed structure of an organization will emphasize the critical perspectives of an organization.


Everyone loves it when their employer appreciates their work, and according to Social Cast, 69% of the employees work harder when they feel that their efforts and work are appreciated enough. They are recognized for their excellent work in the company. Employee engagement can be highly improved if the leaders launch recognition programs to appreciate and praise the efforts made by the employees. 58% of the employees believe this ideology, according to Psychometrics, A Study of Employee Engagement in the Canadian Workplace 2010. The companies have to take effective steps to show the employees that they care about them. They should also invest some effort, not just the money, to recognize their contribution to the company. It improves employee loyalty and retention, thereby helping the growth of a business at a proper pace.

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